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Catches of the Day: February 6, 2011 An Embarrassment of Riches

Oh kittens!  The pickins were thick at eBay today, and I decided to just write about all the swell finds I ran across.  So get yourself a cup of coffee,  settle into your favorite chair, and let's have a nice little vintage find chat!

My first catch of the day today is this snazzy, novelty belt from the 1970's. I suppose it's a love it /hate it thing, but I love it. The belt is leather, smooth on top and suede on back.  It's 1 5/8" wide and measures 37" hooked and is non-adjustable. It should be relatively easy to fit these onto another belt that is your waist size if you want. Found on eBay, this incredible belt is said to have lost most of it's gold coloring and is in need of a paint job. I have a different idea:  Loose all the gold tone, and go with the pot metal.  It's much cooler anyway. I think fingernail polish remover would do it.  If not, then rough steel wool definitely will, though it may require some elbow grease.

This incredible find of coolness is offered by maggie-magnolia for an opening bid of $14.99. Art Moderne Lovers,  See their Mikassa Studio Nova sugar and creamer.  Divine!

This 1949 Silver Fox Collared cashmere sweater is just stunning.  Made of flawless inky black cashmere, and smooth, supple, and lovely Fox Fur,  this fabulous sweater is a steal at a time when cashmere sweaters (without fur) go for $200.00 a piece. Found on eBay, this magnificent sweater was made by Bernhard Altmann and features a "V" neck along with dainty and classic single pearl shank closures at each cuff and at the bottom of the sweater. The sweater is roughly a size 6-8, but please read the measurements to avoid disappointment.  Offered by Jonque for an opening bid of $49.99.  

The have seller has a lovely selection, including an original Ungaro blouse for which (s)he is asking a mere $34.99! It was a quick trip to my favorites.

These "fish scale" shoes from the 60's just knocked me out when I ran across them on eBay. If they were in my size, I'd be all over these puppies like white on rice.  Alas, they are a size 6AAA. If, however, you too, are a size 6AAA this is your lucky - win the lotto - red letter - day!  Made in Spain of actual fish skin, these shoes have handwriting inside, the only part of which that means anything to me is that they are made by someone named Phillipe. There is a tiny chip on the outer edge of the left heel cap, but otherwise the outside of these shoes are clean. There is an eensy, teensy, oh so tiny, bit of discoloration to the insole, but doll, your feet will be there.  "The outside fish skin suede looks clean and really good overall" (seller).  Offered to us by zanymiz for the insane price of $9.99.  Zanymiz seems to specialize in cook books and the occasional what-not.  Aren't we lucky this was one of her what-nots?

And while we're on the subject of shoes, would you just look at these fabulous Prada pumps? Could you want something more in a shoe?  Your size?  Okay, well these babies are 8 1/2.  So maybe if you couldn't squeeze your toes into the fabulous fish scale suede above,  you can stretch out your arches in these lovely roomy Prada's that are chic in a shoebox.  Made of buckskin, these babies have pointed toes, a snappy strap, and the Prada logo embossed on the silvertone buckle. But frankly it's the gromets that got me from hello. There are some slight variations in the shade of the buckskin, but the insoles are impeccable, so I'm inclined to think these variations are natural and not the result of any mishap. Though I must mention that the bottoms of these shoes show definite wear, or is it that someone tried to write their initials in pencil on the soles?  Whatever the case, you can be sure these shoes are getting the attention the name "Prada" commands.  Due to close at almost 8 pm on Sunday, the price is bound to rise.  Offered by yntdrum for the current price of $42.00.

During the second World War, everyone made do with less of everything. And I do mean everything. So suddenly, when the war was over, there were actual surpluses of things again. Things like gasoline to drive about with. Things like actual cars.  Things like food, sugar, and stockings. Things, even, like fabric.  The first to take advantage of this surplus and design wonderfully sumptuous, luxurious, full dresses was, if I have my fact straight (and I could be wrong about this part) was Christian Dior. The House of Dior put out a line of a clothes where skirts exploded from the waistline,  were rich and full at the bodice.  Women became walking hourglasses. And it took crinolines, those wonderfully multi-layered, starched petite coats, to make the skirts stand out to their best advantage.  When showing their new line,  one of the fashion magazines (and again, I'm fuzzy about this part), I think it was Vogue said, "Why, it's a New Look".  Viola!  "New Look" was born.

This, my darling kittens, is a "new look" coat. Made of a lovely eyelash mohair wool fabric with streaks of red and green across a black background. All this surplus meant that one could cover one's  buttons in the same fabric as one's coat or jacket, and this has been done here.  Notice how skillfully the garment is pulled in at the waist. Notice the imposition of the hourglass where one may not even begin to exist!

Done by the master herself, Lilli Ann. What's amazing to me, is that the seller of this coat doesn't seem to realize this is a thing to capitalize upon.  She doesn't mention it in the name of the auction.  She barely mentions it at all.  Thank God she included a photo of the label.

The Vintage Fashion Guild places this label between 1946 - 1947.

The coat is fully lined with black acetate satin (hand wash it and I'll kill you). It has slashed pockets, a notched collar, princess seams... I could go on and on. The seller has set the size at an approximate size 10.  Alas, it is missing two buttons.  Two other appear to have been reattached (though I hardly consider this a fault).  I would suggest dealing with the missing buttons by taking the top two, and folding back the collar.  One might try to steal some fabric from a hem and cover a couple of buttons, but I would do this only after consulting a specialist, which I am not. There are four tiny moth bites in the front below the waist.  These are truly tiny to not be visible in the second photo shown, and should be easily mended. The label needs to be tacked on 3 sides, and I laud the seller for not doing this herself. It must have been awfully tempting. Beyond these small flaws, the coat is in amazing condition, and the price reflects this. Offered to us by KimVintage, a treasure trove herself, for the Buy-It-Now price of $550.00.

Back in the day, when a lady went out for the evening, she needed only a few things.  A reliable gentleman companion. Some cigarettes. Some Lipstick. And some mad money in case the reliable gentleman companion turned out not to be so reliable. Hence: the cigarette case. Oh! How I wish I had been at the estate sale where this turned up before it came to eBay! My mother had a case just like this.  It was fitted with a lever sort of thing to hold the cigarettes neatly in place.

And then the whole thing folded up into something glamorous!  

This one is in amazingly good condition.  Not only is the snake chain still pristine, the body of the purse is pristine.  Usually there are bits where the gold has flaked off, or where the shiny body has been scratched.  And to still have the lipstick holder!  Oh my!  What a find!  This one even still has the original cloth which protects the purse.  The seller, God love them, is worried that there are spots on the cloth.  I am amazed the cloth exists at all.  Brought to us by VintageAlaModeSF for the Buy It Now Price of $69.00.

                    *                    *                      *                     *

Now I'm going to have to break one of my rules.  I'm going to have to list more than one item from a seller.  It's a recent rule.  I've broken it before.  But I really broke it once, and wrote - what turned out to be - almost an advertisement for a vintage dealer.  I'm not doing that any more.  I don't get paid to do that.  And my mother told me a story once about free milk and a cow...


Would you take a look at this?  I actually thought the "peek a boo" lingerie look came in style in the 80's.  This is from the 40's or 50's. And isn't it lovely?  I adore the color (you know I'm fond of bronze). I adore the lace.  I adore the way they worked red thread into the hooks for the little satin buttons. And I am so tickled that they still have the original belt. As a matter of fact, if there's something I don't like about this blouse, I haven't found it yet.

The matching tafetta camisole has a side metal zipper so it could fit nice and snug. The camisole has 3 tiny pinholes in it, all of which become invisible when the lace over-blouse is worn with it.  Most tragic of all is the two tiny breaks in the lace which are shown below:

My advice?  Wear it anyway.  It's gorgeous.  I wouldn't even begin to make apologies for any part of it.  At worst, wear a scarf around your neck.  At best,  pin your hair up proudly and go on.  

This lovely work of art is also brought to by VintageAlaModeSF for the buy it now price of $215.00.  The seller is also accepting offers on this fabulous blouse.  Beauty such as this is rare and should be rewarded.

Think if you've seen one piano shawl, you've seen them all?  Maybe.  But when was the last time you saw one at $27.50?  Of course, this one on eBay will be accepting bids until 7:45 PM Pacific Standard Time (That's 4:45 if your on the east coast),  but this may go cheap, and it's lovely. The seller is uncertain of age or fabric, so don't get your heart set on a silk Victorian shawl, but what you will get is a gorgeous shawl 44" square.  Brought to us by Bond475.

And -at last!- something for the men!  This vintage 80's woolen genuine Levis jacket's auction closes on eBay tomorrow as well.  With a nice worn indigo color and wonderful woolen fleece,  this jacket is a no brainer.  Nothing is more classic than a Levi's jacket.  It's the jacket you reach for without having to think about what to wear.  Masculine.  Sexy.  American.  Every since Levi Strauss discovered that his indigo died tent making material sold better as pants than as tents, Levis have been the staple of any American wardrobe.  When the Soviet Union was the Soviet Union, what did people smuggle over as a symbol of American Freedom?  Levis. As timeless as James Dean and died with Freedom as well as Indigo, the Levis Jacket is something every man should own.  This one, offered by thejeffandtammyshow, this is absolutely the cream of their vintage crop.  With a single bid and a price set at $9.00, someone may get a bargain!

From a $200 Kate Spade to a $3500 Hermes,  Vogue's list of purses for the coming season all have one thing in common:  basket weave.  This lovely little bag from eBay has turned a rich nutty brown with age, and was woven beautifully.  Made of bamboo, the weave is still tight and the bag is in excellent condition.  Measuring 8" wide, by 4" deep, by 6" high, (I can only assume the difference between deep and high is the height of the lid) this handbag has a strap long enough to be a shoulder strap and also long enough to wear across your body. Offered by everydayflowermart for an opening bid of $24.99

These Christian Dior (CD) Art Glass dangle earrings are up for bid on eBay until today at 4:50 PST (not exact!). As you might imagine, Christian Dior's name has brought more than a little attention. Having received 5 bids as of the time of this writing, the current price is $61.57. The art glass drops are about 1 and a quarters inches long and are a yellowish green with a mottled brown inside. Dangling from a mesh type chain; there are even air bubbles caught in the glass!  Brought to us by Rhinestone-Diva who has a lovely selection of jewelry, including a Boucher book piece.

And that kittens, is what I found in a casual browse through what's closing today. I hope I've made some vintage shopping converts. I don't think clothes and jewelry get much cooler than this. 

So happy shopping kittens,  every day at eBay is a new day!

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