Monday, February 14, 2011

Catch of the Day: February 14, 2011 60's Nieman Marcus Jacket Dress

This lovely 1960s Jacket Dress from Nieman Marcus was found up for Auction on eBay. Made of gold, ivory and champagne colored silk brocade. So very Mad Men! It would be a perfect outfit for Betty, though I think Joan would rather burst through it!  

The jacket's geometric pattern is offset by a timeless floral, together they form something chic and memorable. The jacket closes with three cloth covered buttons. The sleeves are bracelet length, such a practical length and one I would rejoice to see resurrected. The classic collar stands up beautifully, and forms a perfect backdrop for the swept up hairdos of the times.  

The simple A-Line sheath dress beneath the jacket is so very Jackie-0! It's classic tailoring includes princess sleeves and a well concealed back zipper. Both jacket and dress are fully lined in ivory organdy.  

Such an elegant ensemble could only be found at an establishment like Nieman Marcus, and indeed, it still bears it's Nieman's label. "The set looks like it were worn once for a special occasion."  There is a faint stain in the under arm of the lining of the jacket, which the seller believes will come out with dry cleaning.  Please remember this is in the lining,  the outside of the garment is in mint condition, and retains its refined and elegant quality today as much as it did when it first hit the rack in the early 1960's. I would consider this garment appropriate to a dinner at the white house or an evening at the metropolitan opera.

Offered by covettedcastoffs for a starting bid of $100.00.  If it goes at anywhere near that price, someone will have gotten a true bargain, as this is a dress which is so stylish and well made that it should see you through several decades and only gain in it's chic.

Happy shopping to you!

Second Hand Roze 

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